Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to create an account to post comments?

We have added a bunch of new features to the site, and have many more planned for the near future. In order to do this we now require you to register an account on Fstoppers. Creating an account is free and our hope is that by having individual user accounts Fstoppers will become a much more friendly and personal experience.  

I never received my account activation email.

  1. Make sure your email address is valid and you didn't mistype it.
  2. Check that the inbox in question is indeed receiving email.
  3. Verify that your server has not marked our emails as SPAM and white list all emails from
  4. If it's a address, sometimes it may end up in the "Promotions" tab.
  5. In many cases your email may have been blacklisted by our servers for repeated bounces. In such a case, you will need to contact customer support and someone will look into the matter.

How do I claim comments that I made on the old Fstoppers site for my account?

If you registered with the same email address that you used for your Disqus account, any comments made for that account will be attributed to your new Fstoppers account. If you did not use that same account to register, you can add that email address to your new account. To add an email address to your Fstoppers account, Go to: My Account > Account > Emails. You will need to verify each address you add, so you must have access to the email address used for Disqus. Once you verify that address your comments will be attributed to your new account.

Doing this will also update the "Member since" line on your profile to correspond with the date of the first comment you posted rather than the date you created this new account.

What happens when I "follow" somebody?

When you follow someone, you receive notices when they add new content, such as photos and videos on the recent activity stream.

What happens when I "follow" a discussion thread?

When you follow a thread, notifications of new comments are shown in the recent activity stream on your "My Account" page.

How many photos can I add to my portfolio?

The upload limit is 30 photos. However, for each photo that has an average rating of at least 3.5 stars and has been rated by at least 5 people, you will earn extra uploads. In other words, you can potentially have unlimited uploads if all your images are rated highly by the community. There are also other achievements for being active on the site, having an up-to-date profile, being selected for Photo of the Day, etc. that can be unlocked on the site. We will send you a notification when you earn new upload spots.

How can my photo be chosen for Photo of the Day?

There is an article about that here.

How do I close my account?

You can close your account at any time from your "My Account" page. When you close your account, your profile is deleted along with everything in your portfolio. Comments that you have left are not deleted to keep the continuity of the discussion in tact, but your name is removed from them.

Once you close your account, there is no getting it back.

How do I submit content for consideration on Fstoppers?

We love featuring work and articles on the photographers who read Fstoppers.  If you have an interesting photo project or educational behind the scenes video, send us the story through our Contact Us section of the website.  

What does NSFW content constitute, and why do I need to flag it?

Since our website caters to readers of all ages, genders, and locations, we'd like to make sure it is family-friendly. Our website also uses Google AdSense to generate income, so we need to abide by their rules, and one of which is to censor out the NSFW content. We can't police and monitor everything you upload, so we ask that you please flag your content as "NSFW" (not safe for work) when it's appropriate. If you have any questions regarding the definition of NSFW, please visit Google's page for more details.

Basically, "if you’re unsure about whether or not something might be considered adult content, our general rule of thumb is this: if you wouldn’t want a child to see the content or you would be embarrassed to view the page at work in front of colleagues."

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from browser push notifications?

We can send you push notices to your browser when we post new articles, when members interact with your content, and when members you follow post new content. If you have an Fstoppers account you can manage what you are notified about in your account settings at  My Account > Notifications.  If you do not have an account, you may still subscribe to push notifications and be alerted when we post new articles. Keep in mind that this setting is unique per browser, so if you access Fstoppers from different devices this setting will only reflect your current device. Also keep in mind, once you subscribe to push notifications, this setting has to be changed on your end and is not something Fstoppers has direct control over. Below is your current setting.


You can also stop push notifications directly through your browser. Click here to learn how.

Mac Safari Users: open Safari > Preferences> Website > notifications.